"Aspiring to express" are the words I live by. Expression isn't simply achieved in a single piece of work, rather it is a process of digging deeper into oneself.  Perseverance, patience and passion drive me towards my dreams to express a love so intrinsic within all of us: a love for life and humanity.  And so my journey as a single individual, striving for self-discovery, has taken me through many paths physically, emotionally, spiritually, academically, artistically, and above all, musically and cinematically.
Art is a means to connect people, and in my travels abroad, every encounter I made left a deep impression in my life.  It is my mission to be able to share what I create to those who have helped build the foundation of who I am today.  As a Japanese American, I hope to contribute to the growing Asian American media community in hopes of sharing the rich culture of our heritage to the world.
I travel with my studio, bringing along with me lights, stands, mics, recorder, and cables to keep my camera and MacBook company.  Much of my experience entails working behind the scenes for live events and film sets, and more so producing various short-form videos whether it be promotional, highlights, or informational, and directing films. My roots come from creating video content from its inception to its final product with a small budget and with little to no crew.  I have over 9 years of experience editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and have experience in mixing audio, from live event settings to post-production mixing, using programs such as Adobe Audition and ProTools.  I have done corporate, marketing, promotional, and tutorial videos for companies and organizations such as TriVista, Crave Games, and SGI-USA. I work within the Southern California area, primarily in Orange County, but am willing to travel if the opportunity arises.  So, what's your next project?
Gear: Canon EOS 80D, Tascam 60D Audio Recorder, iPad Pro, Canon Vixia HV40 Mini-DV High Definition camcorder, Canon Elura 85 Mini-DV Standard Definition camcorder, M-Audio Keystudio 49, Canon Powershot SX40 HS
Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects), Pro-Tools, GarageBand, Finale, MuseScore
Other Aliases: [Fanfiction.net] [Fictionpress.com] [deviantART.com
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